The International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change (IJICC) seeks to promote and foster scholarly work that informs and promotes the phenomena of innovation, creativity and change in all fields of endeavour. More specifically IJICC seeks to publish those papers that have the capacity to be influential in their fields or across fields and that will significantly advance understanding in those fields.

Submitted papers should present novel and broadly important data, syntheses, or concepts. They should merit the recognition by the scientific and academic community and more generally the general public.  IJICC welcomes submissions from all scientific, academic and social innovation based disciplines. IJICC is committed to the prompt evaluation and publication of submitted papers on-line. 

For a submission to IJICC authors must agree to Publication Terms and Conditions. Submission indicates the terms and conditions are agreed to.

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The IJICC aims to promote original contributions to fields by way of creativity, innovation and change. In 100 words or less outline the original contribution that your article provides to such fields.
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Include the title, name of author and their email contact details
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Was ethical clearance obtained for the associated study?
If YES: name of institution issuing ethical clearance. if NO, reason?
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Declaration: the paper submitted is an original unpublished piece of work by the authors. Further the requirements of the journal, its terms and conditions have been met.
This journal requires a high level of English to be accepted for both review and publication. If you wish to have your paper checked and edited to ensure a high level of English please indicate above. Additional Fees may apply.
If you have already paid for an English Edit Service, kindly quote the invoice number or leave blank.

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