The Impact of Talent Management Strategies on Enhancing Organisational Renewal Capabilities

Sana Areibi Mohammeda, aCollege of Management and Economics - Department of Finance and Banking, Email: aSanaa_arbe@uomustnsiriyah.edu.iq

Talent management is an important issue for our age, the age of knowledge and progress. The aim of this research is to identify the relationship between the correlation and the independent variable strategies of talent management in its sub-dimensions such as develop talent, attract talent, and retain talent and the variable dependent Organisational Renewal Capabilities in the dimensions of strategic competencies, time utilisation, and leadership behaviour. A sample was selected from a number of private schools in Baghdad governorate. The questionnaire was used to collect data based on the Likert scale. It was subjected to honesty and consistency testing and was distributed to a sample of 60 school principals and faculty assistants. About 50 questionnaire were retrieved for statistical analysis, (Spss) and the use of a number of statistical means to identify the relationship and impact through the mean and standard deviation and correlation coefficient and simple linear regression and (T-test). The research found a number of conclusions, including: the relationship of correlation and influence of positive moral significance between the strategies of talent management and organisational renewal capabilities. Based on these conclusions, a number of recommendations have been developed, the most important of which is the need to pay attention to the subject of talent management strategies to develop the management of schools, as a major challenge facing different organisations. Pages 1 to 13




The Role of Integration of Methods and Techniques Adopted in Product Design and Development – An Analytical Study in Diala State Company

Zahra Abd Mohammeda, aMustansiriyah University/College of Administration and Economics Department of Business Administration/ Baghdad-Iraq, Email: azahra_abd@uomustansiriyah.edu.iq

Today in the global competitive market, companies strive to maintain their competitive advantage by offering good products with high value, low cost and not harmful to the environment, as well as ease of design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of products. From this perspective, the research problem focuses on the fact that manufacturing companies should apply the best methods and techniques in the design and development of their products. Therefore, the research aims to clarify the role of integration of methods and techniques adopted in the process of product design and development. This research has presented 14 methods and techniques that have a very big role in the process of product design and development. The integration of these methods and techniques provides a new direction for designers and manufacturers in line with the rapid developments and the ongoing changes in the global industrial environment. To achieve the research objective, a questionnaire was prepared as a main tool to collect the necessary data on the research sample. The questionnaire included 42 items. Diala State Company for Electrical Industries was selected as the site for the research. A number of statistical techniques were applied including arithmetic mean, standard deviation as well as factor analysis that includes Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin measure, Bartlett test and Principal Components method. The Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) was used to extract the results. The research found that the deployment of the quality function came first while the concurrent engineering team came in the lowest rank in terms of the relative importance in the design and development of products and the existence of significant correlations between methods and techniques adopted in the design and development of products. The cumulative percentage of the explanatory variation of the combined factors recorded a value amounted to (79.075) which indicates that the methods and techniques adopted affect the design and development of both the distribution and power transformers products. The research also found that the company pays attention to the methods and techniques of product development, such as computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, environmental design, information technology and standard design. This demonstrates the importance of these factors for both the distribution and power transformers products. Pages 14 to 41




The Bayesian Estimator for Probabilistic Dagum Distribution

Layla M.Nassira, Nathier A. Ibrahimb, a,bCollege of Eng., Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad, Iraq, 2Al – Turath University, Email: alayla_matter@yahoo.com,  bnbrhms@yahoo.com

The Dagum distribution has been widely used especially in the modelling of lifetime. It provides a statistical model that has a wide variety of application in many areas such as survival analysis and data analysis. The conventional maximum likelihood method is the usual way to estimate the parameters of a distribution. Bayesian approach has received much attention in contention with other estimation methods. In this paper we explore and compare the performance of the maximum likelihood and moment estimates with the Bayesian estimate of Survival function for Dagum distribution. The maximum likelihood estimation, moment estimation, Bayesian using Extension Jeffrey prior, gamma prior for estimation the Survival  function under symmetric and asymmetric loss function are presented. We explore the performance of these estimators numerically under varying conditions. Through the simulation study a comparison are made on the performance of these estimators with respect to the integrated mean square error (MSE). For all the varying sample size, several values of the threshold parameter for the two parameter Dagum distribution and for the values for the extension of Jeffery and gamma prior. We concluded that Bayes method that based on Jeffery prior under squared error loss function are more efficient for small values of shape parameter and Bayes method that based on gamma under Linex loss function are more efficient for large values of shape parameter. Pages 42 to 74




Training Process and its Impact on Organisational Conflict Levels: A Survey Study in the General Commission for Iraqi Tourism

Dunya Tariq Ahmed Al Qaisi, aCollage of Tourism Sciences Mustansiriya University,Iraq, Email: a*dunyam2011@Uomustansiriyah.edu.iq

The research aims to diagnose the reality of the application of the training process that leads to reducing the levels of organisational conflict in the General Commission for Tourism in Iraq. The problem of the research is formulated in several questions about the statement of the impact of its variables. This is achieved through a hypothesis that emerged from four hypotheses that have been tested to verify their validity. The sample consisted of 64 members of leaders of the central administrations in the General Commission for Tourism in Iraq. A questionnaire was adopted as a main tool in the collection of data related to the research and to strengthen personal interviews. The research reached several results. The most important was there is a statistically significant effect between the research variables of ‘training process’ and ‘levels of organisational conflict’. This result is consistent with the hypothesis from which the research began. The research reached a number of recommendations, including to invest the results of the training process scientifically because of its positive results in reducing levels of organisational conflict. Pages 75 to 87




Prolonged War Trauma in Sinan Antoon's, “The Corpse Washer”

Azhar Hameed Mankhia, Hussein Jasim Mohammedb, Issa Radhi Hummadic, aCollege of Education/ English Department Wasit University, b,cCollege of Basic Education /English Department Missan University, Email: aamankhi@uowasit.edu.iq,  bhussainalhussainy14@gmail.com,  ceessaradee@gmail.com

This paper investigates how Sinan Antoon, the author and translator of “The Corpse Washer”, exposes to the public view the trauma of war and the horror of violence in Iraq, post 2003. Further, he discusses the impact of the physical and mental wounds left by trauma on the main character's psyche and his family structure. I also intend to prove that traumatic experience hinders identity development. Antoon discusses the concept of suffering and pain in the Iraqi community post 2003. He creates a picture of Iraq where all Iraqis after colonialism are victims of violence. Trauma theory is a useful field to understand the injuries of Iraqis in a long-lasting period of suffering and oppression. Pages 88 to 98




Updikian Manipulation of Setting in “Pigeon Feathers and Other Stories”

Athraa Abdulameer Ketaba, aUniversity of Baghdad, Media College, Email: aAthraa.kitab@yahoo.com

The second collection of short stories written by the American short-story writer John Hoyer Updike (b. 1932), entitled “Pigeon Feathers and Other Stories” and published in 1962, employs the technique of the double setting — or the juxtaposition of two different settings in the same narrative — to express symbolically the predicaments and psychological state of the characters delineated, to comment on a number of social and religious issues, and to provide a repeated structural pattern as a unifying device in the book as a whole. Pages 99 to 111




The Effect of Selected Factors on Adaptive Behavioural Responses to Urban Air Pollution in Malaysia

Syazwani Sahrira*, Ahmad Makmom Abdullahb, Zakiah Ponrahonoc, Amir Hamzah Sharaaid, a,c,dDepartment of Environmental Management, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia, bDepartment of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia, Email: a*gs50311@student.upm.edu.my

Urban air pollution is a primary concern throughout the world due to the upsurge of urban populations and high traffic volumes in urban regions. Urban air pollution is created by the failure of the public and the environment to respond to the amount of waste produced in relatively small areas throughout high population density and concentration. The intention of this study was to examine the effect of selected factors (perceived vulnerability, perceived severity, self-efficacy and response efficacy) on adaptive behaviour to urban air pollution. The respondents (N = 450) answered a face-to-face questionnaire survey. The results reveal support for the proposed model, with perceived vulnerability (H1) and self-efficacy (H3) positively predicting adaptive behavioural responses towards urban air quality. The findings specify that there is a significant relationship between perceived vulnerability (ß = 0.246, t = 4.534, P=0.000) and self-efficacy (ß = 0.510, t = 9.653, P=0.000) to adaptive behaviour of the urban community. As a conclusion, this study validates that vulnerability and self-efficacy have a major impact on the adaptive behaviour of the community on urban air pollution in Malaysia. The study makes a significant contribution to the literature by providing evidence of these selected factors as an ideal predictor for adaptive behaviour on air pollution. Pages 112 to 134




The Development of a Sustainability Framework via Lean Green Six Sigma Practices in SMEs Based upon RBV Theory

Maryam Pervez Khana*, Noraini Abu Talibb, Tan Owee Kowangc, aPhd Scholar,Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, bAssociate Professor, Universiti Teknologi Malasyia, cSenior Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Email: a*maryam.pervez.khan@gmail.com

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are considered the driving force for the Malaysian economy. They stimulate the local economy, provide employment, and for large companies, they participate in supply chains. However, limited studies have been found on SMEs which are related to the achievement of sustainability. On the other hand, lean, green, six sigma and sustainability performance are among the most commonly discussed topics in the literature of business operations. Despite the linkages among these concepts, there have been nominal efforts at integrating the concepts of lean, green and six sigma concerning sustainability performance in SMEs. Therefore, this study suggests a conceptual framework for the implementation of lean, green and six sigma practices which impact on the sustainability performance within business operations of SMEs in Malaysia. This conceptual paper shines a light on the integration of lean green manufacturing practices with the combination of six sigma practices in SMEs. The combination of these concepts provides benefits to industry, as well as society. These days, society is demanding those business models which are socially responsible and more sustainable. Therefore, the sustainability concept has now become a basis to help understand many firms’ success in the current competitive contexts. Therefore, the findings emanating from the study will aid SMEs to understand the importance of lean green, six sigma practices which effect on their day to day performance, as well as to formulate an effective approach to pursue the path towards sustainability. Pages 135 to 156




The Relationship Between Votes, Campaign Funds and Previous Winning Political Parties in the General Elections in Indonesia

Lita Kusumasaria, aSTIE YKPN School of Business, Email: alkusumasari@yahoo.com

Campaign funds in the general election are playing a vital role. There is an assumption that the higher campaign fund could obtain higher votes. A political party is gradually increasing campaign funds to win the votes. On the other side, people have scepticism that campaign funds will be used to buy votes, also known as money politics. People consider that the more money that is used for campaign funds will lead to fraud. The transparency of the campaign fund is important as a tool for voters to choose the right one. The General Elections Commission regulates that the political party has to submit a campaign fund report that consists of a source of funds and spending forms in Indonesia. The campaign fund report would disclose whether candidates rely on their own money or from other contributions. Relying too much on other contributions would lead to nepotism and fraud in the future, due to payback. The relationship between campaign funding and electoral success is a fruitful subject for scholars. The finding is there is a positive link between spending and electoral success. The other result is that a candidate share of the vote is not substantially affected by their campaign spending. There is a gap in the result that could be explored more, especially in Indonesia where democracy is growing. Indonesia is well known for political corruption that involves legislators, governors, and mayors. Based on the issue, the purpose of this research is to determine the relationship between votes, campaign funds and previous winning political parties in Indonesia for the general election during the period of 2009–2019. The analysis method used is regression. The result is a substantially significant relationship between vote and campaign funds and previous winning political parties for the general elections in Indonesia. Pages 157 to 173




The Effect of Strategic Priorities, Value Congruence and Job Challenge on SBU Performance

Muhammad Dahlana*, Harry Suharmanb, Sugiono Poulusc, a,b,cDepartment of Accounting, The University of Padjadjaran, Bandung 40132, Indonesia, Email: a*dahlanm2004@yahoo.com

This study examined the effect of strategic priorities on the performance of strategic business units (SBU). The mediating variables are value congruence and job challenge. We distributed a survey to 200 functional strategic managers of the SBU in the state-owned enterprise region of West Java Indonesia and gained 104 responses. Ninety usable data were used to analyse the hypotheses using Path Analysis software. The study revealed that strategic priority has a positive effect on SBU performance both directly and indirectly, through job challenge and value congruence. In other words, there is a positive relationship between strategic priority and SBU performance which is fully mediated by value congruence and job challenge while clustering strategic priorities employed. This study enriches business strategy model literature, especially concerning value congruence and job challenge in strategic priority in the state-owned enterprise region West Java of Indonesia. Prior studies have found difficulties analysing the influence of value congruence and job challenge in management strategy systems studies on the state-owned enterprise of SBU performance. Pages 174 to 189




Does Trust Mediate the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Capacity and Commitment? The perspective of the Franchise Industry in Malaysia

Zalena Binti Mohda*, Zahira Binti Mohd Ishanb, aFaculty of Economics and Management, UPM, Malaysia; Faculty of Business Management & Professional Studies, MSU, Malaysia, bFaculty of Economics and Management, UPM, Malaysia, Email: a*zalenamohd@gmail.com,  bmizahira@upm.edu.my

The franchise industry is one of the most widely recognised business forms promising profitable business ownership. Inherent in the franchise business management is the unique relationship between the entrepreneurs in the franchise business, namely the franchisors and franchisees.  It appears that trust is the key to the ongoing franchise relationship. Hence this research investigates whether trust mediates the relationship between entrepreneurial capacity and commitment in the franchise industry in Malaysia. This research developed a conceptual model by reviewing the commitment-trust theory and also conducting an extensive literature review. Samples were selected from franchisees who operate their franchise business around Klang Valley area. A total of 291 completed questionnaires were analysed using PLS-SEM. The results identify that relationship has a significant direct effect between entrepreneurial capacity and commitment. The findings also indicate that trust mediates the relationship between entrepreneurial capacity and commitment with partial mediation statistically significant at 0.01. This research’s results are likely to add on and contribute to the literature on the title above. The result also could be agreed by franchisors in defining the commitment amongst the franchisees that can become the prominent contender for the business of franchise. The author claims about this study that it would furnish a significant functional foundation for franchisors in the franchisees’ selection procedure. Pages 190 to 200




The Relationship of Organisational Cynicism, Emotional Exhaustion, Creative Work Involvement and In-Role Performance

Wisnu Prajogoa*, Nikodemus Hans Setiadi Wijayab, Heni Kusumawatic, a,b,cSTIE YKPN School of Business, Email: a*wisnuprajogo@gmail.com,  bniko.wijaya@gmail.com,  cheni.kusumawati89@gmail.com

This paper examines the relationship between organisational cynicism, creative work involvement, emotional exhaustion,  and in-role performance.  Organisational cynicism happens when an employee has no trust in his/her organisation’s change process. As a result, he/she tends to criticize his/her organisation. This research argues that being critics will drain someone’s emotional resources and will result in high emotional exhaustion. This emotionally exhausted employee will have low creative work involvement and low in-role performance. This research also argues that employees with high organisational cynicism will have higher creative work involvement. The last hypothesis examined is that creative work involvement will have a positive influence on employee in-role performance. 200 employees with a tenure of more than one year from various organisations participated in this research. Hypothesis testing was conducted with the two-step method of structural equation modelling. This research has several findings: organisational cynicism has positively influenced emotional exhaustion, organisational cynicism positively influences creative work involvement,  emotional exhaustion has negatively influenced creative work involvement, emotional exhaustion also negatively influenced in-role performance, and creative work involvement positively influenced in-role performance. Pages 201 to 214




Consumers’ Perception on Green Practice Restaurants: Some Insights from a Developing Nation

Norbayah Mohd Sukia, Norazah Mohd Sukib*, aSchool of Creative Industry Management & Performing Arts, Universiti Utara Malaysia, bOthman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Email: b*azahsuki@yahoo.com

The shift of consumers’ perception for dining at green practice restaurants contributes in changing their behavioural pattern. More empirical research into this green movement is deemed necessary to advance the body of knowledge. Accordingly, this study aims to examine consumers’ perception of green practice restaurants in a developing nation. A structured self-administered questionnaire was distributed among 350 publics in the northern state of Malaysia. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was employed to run a descriptive analysis. Results revealed that consumers’ have a positive perception for dining at green practice restaurants. The belief that dining at green restaurants helps to protect the environment and to stay healthier. Hence,  restaurateurs must minimise energy usage and waste by using organic, biodegradable or recycled products. Direction for future research is also furnished. Pages 215 to 225




Gender as a Moderator in the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Media Expose, ATB, SN, Perceived Behavioral Control, and Entrepreneurial Intention

Yohana Cahya Handayania, Wisnu Prajogob*, a,bSTIE YKPN School of Business, Email: ayohana.siapasiapa@gmail.com,  b*wisnuprajogo@gmail.com

Entrepreneurship is an activity of having and managing a business. Nowadays, many media (online and offline media) are displaying entrepreneurship content.  Becoming an entrepreneur begins with entrepreneurial intention. There are 3 factors that influence an intention: SN, ATB, and perceived behavioural control. This study examines the relationship between entrepreneurial media exposure, SN, perceived behavioural control, ATB,  and entrepreneurial intention. There are several findings of this study. First, entrepreneurial media expose influences ATB, SN and perceived behavioural control. Second, ATB, SN and perceived behavioural control influence entrepreneurial intention. Third, these influences have differences between men and women. Pages 226 to 237




The Relationship among Celebrity Endorser, Self-brand Connection, Relationship Quality and Repurchase Intention: The Moderating Role of Customer Satisfaction and Media Type

Yana Listyadewi Supriyadia, Wisnu Prajogob*, a,bSTIE YKPN School of Business, Email: ayanalstya@gmail.com,  b*wisnuprajogo@gmail.com

Advertising using celebrity endorsers is a company’s strategy to promote its brand to consumers. Celebrity endorser is considered as a credible source for promoting brand based on the celebrity’s attractiveness, expertise, and trustworthiness. A brand can be used to create a consumer’s self-concept. The self-brand connection is how far customers integrate a brand into their self-concept. When the self-concept is achieved, the customer is willing to engage in a relationship with the brand (relationship quality). This can be influenced by customer satisfaction. The change of technology makes all changes, including advertising media. Electronic media is currently divided into conventional and modern. The conventional electronic media in this research is television, while modern electronic media is social media. Previous research only examined one type of electronic media. In this research, I want to examine the differences between the types of electronic media. This research used 232 samples, consist of 118 samples of conventional electronic media and 114 samples of modern electronic media. The data processed using IBM SPSS Statistics 24 and SmartPLS 3.2.8. The result of this research is that all of the hypotheses are accepted, except for the third hypothesis. The result of the moderation test on the type of media revealed that there are differences between conventional and modern electronic media. The most differences are the effect of celebrity endorser on repurchase intention and the influence of relationship quality on repurchase intention. Pages 238 to 253




How Support for Heritage Tourism Development Relates to Community Attachment and Economic Dependence on Tourism – Investigating the Mediating Effect of Community Awareness

Zulhermana, I Nengah Telab, Desi Ilonac, Zaituld*, a,bFaculty of planning & civil engineering, Universitas Bung Hatta. Padang, Indonesia, cFaculty of Economics, Universitas Putra Indonesia YPTK, Padang, Indonesia, dFaculty of Economics, Universitas Bung Hatta, Padang, Indonesia, Email: d*zaitul@bunghatta.ac.id

This study determines the role of community awareness as a mediating variable between community attachment and support for heritage tourism development. Besides, this study also investigates whether the relationship between economic dependence on tourism and support for heritage tourism development is mediated by community awareness. This study uses primary data to gather through the form of online survey. Ninety-two respondents participated in this study. The data is analyzed using smart-pls 3.2.7 version. The study finds that community awareness fully mediated the relationship between economic dependence on tourism and support for heritage tourism development. In addition, the complementary-mediation role of community awareness and community attachment and support for heritage tourism development is also documented. Practical and theoretical implications are discussed in this paper. Pages 254 to 269




“Competent Person” of the Industrial Electrical System in Malaysia

Hashim, M. H. Ma*, Azmi, N. Ib, a,b Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) Batu Pahat, Johor, Email: a*mhisyam@uthm.edu.my

Skilled electrical industry workers are indispensable to industries that own / operate industrial electrical appliances. This is to ensure that electrical components/appliances are properly maintained and functioning to the maximum extent possible and to meet the standards and prevent injury or death of employees due to inefficiencies. Therefore, this paper explains the importance of skilled electrical workers in Malaysia and the training that can be implemented to improve efficiency. Some of the most important things to do are coordinating training, understanding the potential and career of young people and the role of competent people internationally. The qualitative research methodology is fully utilised by which researchers analyze documents, interview and conduct observations. The participants consisted of students, related educators, industrial workers and managers of the technical field of technical training. The results of this study will help the youths who have electrical foundations and students of technical institutions with electrical/related engineering certificates should take the opportunity to become competent also referred to as "competent persons" by the Energy Commission (ST). In addition, strategic plans need to be created and utilised between Technical Institutions and Technical University as a continuation of competent knowledge and theory that can be interpreted in the context of a competent instructor. Pages 270 to 282




How Does Job Demands and Job Resources Affect Work Engagement Towards Burnout? The Case of Penang Preschool

Juliana Ahmada*, Siti Fairos Saffardinb, Kok Ban Teohc, a,b,cSENTRAL College Penang, 10200 Penang, Malaysia, Email: a*juliana@sentral.edu.my

In recent years, preschool educators are engaged with demanding quality teaching and complex administrative work in their environment. The excessive job demands and the insufficient job resources have resulted in preschool educators to encounter more significant levels of burnout and this influences their work engagement. Hence, the paper aims to investigate the predictors of burnout among preschool educators as well as the potential mediating role of work engagement. This study proposes that job demands have a significant positive relationship with burnout, while job resources and work engagement have a significant negative relationship with burnout. In addition, work engagement is demonstrated to possess a significant mediator between job resource and burnout. Therefore, this study is priceless to both scholars and practitioners who wish to monitor and decrease the burnout prevalence among preschool educators. Pages 283 to 293




Sentiment Analysis Approach towards Public Opinion on Sensitive Issues Via Social Media: A Way of Crisis Management Control

Hasmah Zanuddina, Nursyamira Shaib, Wan Ainun Mior Othmanc, aDepartment of Media and Communication Studies, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, bDepartment of Media and Communication Studies, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur and Her research on Sensitive Issues in Malaysia Social Media, cMathematics & Science Institution, Faculty of Science, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Email: ahasmahz@um.edu.my,  bsyamirashaid@um.edu.my,  cwanainun@um.edu.my

Online media is one of the tools of public opinion formation where social media users immediately express their thoughts and perception towards an issue. The process of public opinion formation is described from the start of one’s perception, and it  depends on the cultural background, past experiences and values. These factors determined one’s supporting or opposing an issue. The main objective of this study is to determine the correlations between sensitive issues with negative sentiment builds up among the public. This quantitative content analysis study investigated the influence and relevance of information sources on the distribution of public opinion. There were 4 parameters measured as independent variables, mainly independent sources, conventional sources to the dependent variable, public opinion. The  monitoring bodies and regulators utilise the research results in handling sensitive issues in Malaysia. Pages 294 to 306




The Effectiveness of a Cylindrical Detention Pond (CDP) for Runoff Reduction

H.Maseria*, O.S.Selamanb,  M.A. Mannanc, SNL. Taibd, a,b,c,dDepartment of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), 94300 Kota Samarahan Sarawak, Email: a*mhisyam@hotmail.com

Permeable pavements are a key storm water management measure employed both to attenuate surface runoff in urban areas and to filter urban storm water pollutants. Existing permeable pavements (PP) are design with the specific percentage porosity whereby enabling excess rainwater to infiltrate through the system and acting as a depression storage at the same time. Depression storage basically refers to the volume of water trapped in the depression when the precipitation of a storm reaches the ground and fills up all the depression before it can flow over the surface. Cylindrical Detention Pond (CDP) is an alternative paving material that may alleviate many of the hydrological problems caused by urban runoff from developed areas. CDP consist of three basic components: top cover, bottom cover and hollow cylindrical at the centre (300mm thickness). The hollow cylinder has an approximate 50 percent porosity from the total solid of component, which is every 1 inch (25 mm) of pavement depth can hold 0.5 inches (12.5 mm) of rain in theory. In this study, the depression storage rate of CDP was investigated under three different rainfall intensity scenarios which are 77mm/hr (low), 153mm/hr (medium), and 230mm/hr (heavy) respectively, whereby it functions to monitor the analytical trend line. The experiment was conducted in a model box in the laboratory under a fully saturated condition. It found that the CDP can perform to detain the water until 180 min of excess rainfall for all 2 year ARI, 5 year ARI, 10 year ARI, 20 year ARI, 50 year ARI and 100 year ARI with different rates. CDP’s are able to reduce the runoff from up to 77% of the total rainfall volume. The result proved that the hollow cylindrical at centre of CDP was very effective in runoff volume reduction according to the different ARI trend line projections. Pages 307 to 325




The Role of the School Climate to Moderate an Agreeableness Personality Trait on Bullies

Sri W Rahmawatia, aFaculty of Psychology, Universitas Tama Jagakarsa, Jakarta 12530, E-mail: aswrahma@yahoo.com

Nowadays, a number of programs have been implemented to anticipate bullying. However, they are not effective yet to prevent bullying from happening despite the fact that bullying has negatively impacted on things that may not be underestimated, either short-term ones (being afraid to go to school, feeling insecurity, feeling isolated) or long-term ones (affecting the formation of a negative self-concept, depression, emotional problems and a desire to commit a suicide). This study was aimed at examining a model in which the impact of an agreeableness personality trait on bullying is moderated by the school climate. The samples of this study were 723 Senior High School students from five administrative municipalities in Jakarta Capital Special Region, Indonesia. Moreover, the author employed a purposive sampling technique. NEO PI-R, School climate scale, and My life at school check served as the measuring instruments. This study found out that an agreeableness personality trait moderated by the school climate negatively impacted more on the bullies than the direct impact of an agreeableness straight to the bullies. Therefore, the author drew a conclusion that the relations between an agreeableness personality trait and bullying could be enriched theoretically, and could be optimised by including a school climate as the mediator. Pages 326 to 339




The Quality of Public Participation in e-Government through Citizen Acceptance Factors

Taufiq Rachmana, Darmawan Napitupulub, aManagement Department, Faculty of Economic, Indonesia Prima University, Medan, bResearch Center for Policy and Management of Science, Technology and Innovation, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Jakarta, Email: atfqman@gmail.com,  bdarwan.na70@gmail.com

This study aims to conduct a review of the quality of public participation in e-Government especially e-Participation. The quality of public participation could be determined by knowing the citizen’s acceptance. The acceptance will predict the use of e-Participation. LAPOR! is one of the national e-Participation sites as a public service complaint management system in order to fulfill stakeholder demands for their aspirations and participation in formulating government policies in Indonesia. Unfortunately, public participation in using e-Participation is still relatively low. The method used is a systematic review with the PRISMA approach. The results showed that there were 40 citizen’s acceptance factors from the LAPOR! application. The results of this study imply an increase in citizen’s acceptance in order to improve the quality of public participation in  e-Government. Pages 340 to 351




Investigating the Importance of Implementing Ethical Value on a Healthcare System within a Social Media context

Rajes Khanaa, Manmeet Mahinderjit Singhb, Faten Damanhooric, Norlia Mustaffad, a,b,c,dSchool of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang, Email: arajes.khana@yahoo.com,  bmanmeet@usm.my,  cfaten@usm.my,  dnorlia_m@usm.my

Nowadays, the demand of people looking at healthcare information through social media is increasing. The interaction between humans and the healthcare system has created an abuse of ethical conduct. The objective is to measure the importance of implementing ethical value on the healthcare system in social media and identify ethical value. The method of data gathering is survey on a questionnaire to 129 respondents (18 doctors, 33 nurses, and 78 public).  As a result 94.6% respondents agree ethics is important in social media and 91.88% respondents agree ethical value should be implemented in any healthcare system. Pages 352 to 369




Characteristics for E-Satisfaction in E-Retailing - Evidence from Chinese E-Commerce

Ahsan Siraja*, Jiaxin Guob, M. Wajid Kamranc, Qiuzhen Lid, Yongming Zhue, a,cPhD Student, School of Management Engineering, Zhengzhou University b,dMaster Student, School of Management Engineering, Zhengzhou University ePhD, Professor, School of Management Engineering, Zhengzhou University

Corresponding Author Email: a*ahsan.sehar4@gmail.com bguojiaxin360@163.com,  cwkraja2013@hotmail.com,  dliqiuzhen5690@163.com,  ezhuyongming@zzu.edu.cn,  

The term e-commerce has progressed rapidly all around the globe and e-commerce businesses are making progress drastically by allowing customers to purchase products from any part of the world. E-commerce mainly focuses on female economy in marketing but due to the rise of middle class, male Internet users’ economic strength is rising and they are finding their own worth. This has made the "male e-commerce economy" a new online consumer outlet. Therefore, how to break through traditional marketing ideas of e-commerce, strengthen the cultivation of male consumers loyalty, improve their purchase and repurchase rate has become an urgent problem for e-commerce. Based on this, we compared different demands and characteristics of online shopping between men and women by referring to theories related to customer satisfaction. After that, we constructed the evaluation model of customer satisfaction of the e-commerce platform for male customers. We analysed 289 questionnaires from Chinese male students and verified the feasibility and effectiveness of the above evaluation model by received data. We found that e-satisfaction is positively correlated with convenience, customisation, information and communication, and negatively with website aesthetics. This study can provide reference and guidance for e-commerce platforms to seize the opportunity of the "male e-commerce economy". Pages 370 to 393




Improving Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through Database Systems and Internet Marketing - An Analysis of Online Customers of Bangladesh

Tanvir Hussain Himela, aMonash University, Australia, Email: athhim1@student.monash.edu

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach in order to establish interaction with existing and probable clients by using data analysis from a database system named CRM database system which covers all customers’ data. These are collected, stored and analysed utilising a customer relationship program. Bangladesh is a developing country where internet marketing is widely used now-a-days; however, lack of proper implementation of the latest technology, lack of adept IT professionals, poor delivery timing, and a bad transportation system are some of the disablers for success in online shopping systems. Also, few pieces of research have been done up to now on the integration of internet marketing and database marketing for online shopping in Bangladesh, as this sector is still developing. This research contains both qualitative and quantitative research in order to discover the ways of improving CRM for online shopping through database and internet marketing in Bangladesh. Face to face interviews, along with questionnaires’ distributions, have been taken from Bangladeshi online buyers (customers) in order to know the ways of improvement in CRM systems. Moreover, this research provides information about the paths of the integrated working environment between IT and marketing teams of companies. Furthermore, appropriate recommendations are given for future research according to the results of the research. Pages 394 to 410




The Improvement of Teaching Effectiveness through Supervising Academic Practice with the Grow Me Please Model

Atep Suhermana, Aan Komariahb, Dedy Achmad Kurniadyc, Yayah Rahyasihd, Sherlye, Neti Karnatif, a,b,c,dUniversitas Pendidikan Indonesia, eSTIE Sultan Agung, fUniversitas Negeri Jakarta, Email: aatepsuherman11@yahoo.com,  baan_komariah@upi.edu,  cdedy_achmad@upi.edu,   esherly_chi@yahoo.com,  fnetikarnati@gmail.com

Academic supervision is a coaching method of principals to improve the effectiveness of teaching. However in actual practice, a standard model has not been found that is relevant for each type of supervision, so the implementation of academic supervision still relies on the art of each school principal in conducting coaching. Therefore, this study intends to apply the grow me please model in the practice of academic supervision in order to obtain the effectiveness of teachers in teaching. The method used is 4D design-based research (define-design-develop-disseminate). Qualitative and quantitative descriptive data are used as the analysis technique. The results show that the academic supervision of the grow me please model could be applied by the principal in implementing academic supervision to obtain effective teacher teaching performance. In order to get more optimal results, the application of the grow me please model is done in a professional learning community with an empathetic collaborative atmosphere. Pages 411 to 422




Concretisation of the Equity Principle - Implementing Social and Environmental Responsibility on the Palm Oil Plantation Company in Aceh Province, Indonesia

Marlia Sastroa*, Tan Kamellob, Azhari Yahyac, Sri Walny Rahayud, aDoctoral Program Faculty of Law, Universitas of Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh-Indonesia, bFaculty of Law, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan-Indonesia, c,dFaculty of LawUnivesitas Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh-Indonesia, Email: a*marliasastro@unimal.ac.id

This article studies the equity principle in conducting social and environmental responsibility of the Palm Oil Plantation Company in Aceh Province. The Equity principle is clearly stated in The Book of Civil Code Article 1339 and Article 74 Paragraph (2) Law Number 40 Year 2007 of the Limited Liability Company. Concretisation of the equity principle in implementing social and environmental responsibility is mandated in UUPT (Laws of a Limited Company), Plantation Statute, and of State-Owned Enterprise Laws (UU BUMN), and some Qanuns (Local Regulations) of a district/city in Aceh. Moreover, the concretisation of the equity principle of the Palm Oil Plantation Company in implementing social and environmental responsibility programs is in consideration of the financial capability of the company and the propriety applied in the Acehnese Community. The concretisation of the equity principle in the community is that social and environmental responsibility is based on the need for community and based on local community tradition. The concretisation of equity principles can be implemented based on a fair agreement between the company and the community in order to achieve justice for all parties. Pages 423 to 436




The Implementation of the Horizontal Partition Principle in Buying and Selling Rights for Housing and Land in the Province of Aceh, Indonesia

Herinawatia*, Tan Kamellob, Ilyas Ismailc, Mahdi Syahbandird, aDoctoral Program Faculty of Law, Universitas of Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh-Indonesia, bFaculty of Law University of Sumatera Utara, Medan-Indonesia, c,dFaculty of Law University of Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh-Indonesia, Email: a*herinawati@unimal.ac.id

This article aims to study the implementation of the horizontal partition principle in buying and selling right on the land and house on the land in the Province of Aceh. The horizontal partition principle derives from Adat-law which becomes the legal basis of Indonesian Land Law as explicitly mandated in Article 5 UUPA (the Basic Agrarian Law Act). This study is a legal normative study, which uses secondary data as the main data, and primary data as supporting data. The data collection technique is library research and interviews that  are additional data. The data is analysed qualitatively to answer the issue prescriptively. The application of the horizontal partition principle in buying and selling right on the land or a house on the land is only applied to traditional houses in Aceh and houses built from wood; buying and selling has been done for a long time, from generation to generation by the Acehnese community, which is buying the right of the land which is partitioned from the house on the land. However, on the progress, buying and selling right of the land which is implemented based on PPAT (Notary or Head of District as Official Issuing Land Certificate) is including the house on the land. Therefore, it does not mean that Indonesian Land Law neglects horizontal partition principles and changes it with adhesions, law. The implementation of the horizontal partition principle is adjusted with the development of community need in order to achieve justice for all parties in terms of land or house ownership between the owner of the land and the owner of the house on the land. Pages 437 to 450




Comparative Study on the Relationships between Teacher Learning and Teacher Professional Development in Indonesia and Malaysia

Taufani C. Kurniatuna, Ipong Dekawatib, Yayah Rahyasihc, Zuraidah Abdullahd, Aan Komariahe, Dedy Achmad Kurniadyf, a,c,e,fUniversitas Pendidikan Indonesia, bUniversitas Wiralodra, duniversity of Malaya, Email: ataufani@upi.edu,  bipongdekawati@unwir.ac.id,  crahyasih@upi.edu,  dzuraidahab@um.edu.my,  eaan_komariah@upi.edu,  fdedy_achmad@upi.edu

The role of teacher learning is an effort to understand students in learning activities as well as motivating and implementing methods that are appropriate to the task of developing students, while the professional development of teachers is one of the efforts to professionalise teachers. This study discusses the comparative role of teacher learning in the importance of teacher professional development in Indonesia and Malaysia (Comparative Study). The research method applied is a quantitative approach. The results showed there was no significant relationship between teacher learning on teacher professional development. Furthermore, in Indonesia, the effect given to teacher learning on teacher professional development was 13.9%, while in Malaysia the influence given by teacher learning on teacher professional development was 1.4%. Pages 451 to 466




Transformational Leadership of Headmasters and Professional Learning Communities in Primary Schools, Manjung, Perak

Heng Zhen Minga, Zuraidah Abdullahb, Aan Komariahc, Dedy Achmad Kurniadyd, Taufani C. Kurniatune, Dadang Lukman Hakimf, Muthahharoh Thahirg, Siti Nurlatifahh, a,bUniversity of Malaya, c,d,e,f,g,hUniversitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Email: aPeterheng87@gmail.com,  bzuraidahab@um.edu.my,  caan_komariah@upi.edu,  ddedy_achmad@upi.edu,  etaufani@upi.edu,  fdadanglh@upi.edu,  gmuthahharah_thahir@upi.edu,  hsiti.nurlatifah@upi.edu

The purpose of this study is to investigate the Transformational Leadership of headmasters and Professional Learning Communities in primary schools, Manjung District, Perak. Transformational Leadership (TL) and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are essential elements to achieve Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2015. TL of a headmaster is critical in implementing PLCs in primary schools. This study design is a quantitative method to investigate the correlation between TL of headmasters and PLCs in primary schools, Manjung, Perak. The data collected was through a questionnaire. A total sampling, N=351 was selected through random sampling. Data obtained was analysed with SPSS version 21. The study’s result show that there is a significant relationship between the TL of the headmasters and the PLCs (r =.76, ρ <0.05). These findings demonstrate TL is important in promoting PLCs in schools. Overall, the results of this study can provide (i) valuable information to headmasters in implementing PLCs in schools, (ii) guidelines to the District Education Office Manjung in promoting the PLCs in schools, and also (iii) the important data to Ministry of Education for creating effective schools in Malaysia. Pages 467 to 481




Health Services through the BPJS Program at the Regional General Hospital in Relation to the Concept of Administrative Sciences

Hadirin Suryanegaraa, aDepartment of Government, University of Singaperbangsa, Karawang, Indonesia, Email: ahadirin.suryanegara@fisip.unsika.ac.id

Health services around the BPJS program face problems of coordination among implementers of the BPJS program, such as the emergence of rejection from some of the referred hospitals, for reasons that the BPJS programs have not been able to fully cover the budget that should have been spent. The study uses a qualitative approach; it deals with perceptions or views of officials and the public towards health services, specifically related to the implementation of the BPJS program carried out by the Port Ratu Regional Public Hospital and the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Sekarwangi, Sukabumi Province West Java. The results of observations can be seen in the physical location of the two hospitals, namely the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Pelabuhan Ratu and the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Sekarwangi. Factually, the existence of the two regional public hospitals is indeed sufficient to help the people of the Sukabumi Regency who will visit and utilise the health service facilities from the local government, both the people in the southern region of the Sukabumi Regency, and the people in the northern region of the Sukabumi Regency. Pages 482 to 490




The Effect of Coercive Power and Reward toward Teacher’s Job Satisfaction

Ali Idrusa, aDepartment of Science Education. Faculty of Teacher Training and Science Education, Universitas Jambi Indonesia, Email: aali.idrus@unja.ac.id

The purpose study is to find out the relationship and compare the effects of the use of coercive power and reward by managers in public and private schools in the city of Jambi. A quantitative research method, which involved the conduction of surveys and direct observation. The data collection techniques used in this study was questionnaires and documented studies. The data were analysed using the t-test, Pearson’s correlation, and regression analysis. Finding the result study showed that reward positively related to the job satisfaction of teachers in private schools. The results explain the ability of managers for various government policies as a referral force. However, managers in private schools are more likely to use a thorough force in some situations and provide rewards in accordance with teacher incomes. Therefore, private and public schools have some differences, not only differ in the practice of developing human resources and leadership style, but also differ in the practice of managerial power. The difference is related to the basic strength and satisfaction of teacher work. The research findings generated in this study showed that coercive power had a neutral effect on the resolution of problems in private schools. Pages 491 to 504




Model of a Development Strategy for Malang Raya Batik with Excellence in Local Wisdom and Global Competitiveness

Ana Sopanaha*, Syamsul Bahrib, Mohammad Ghozalic, a,bDepartment of Accounting, University of Widyagama Malang, cDepartment of Law,  University of Darussalam Gontor Ponorogo, Email: a*anasopanah@widyagama.ac.id

Creative economy is an industry that produces tangible and intangible output that has economic value through the exploration of cultural values and the production of goods and services based on science. One of the sub-sectors of the creative economy is batik crafts. The purpose of this research is to develop a model of strategy development for Malang Raya batik based on local wisdom and global competitiveness. The research method in this study uses a qualitative analysis approach, with the Analytic Network Process (ANP) method. The respondents of this study were the creative economic actors in the batik handicraft sub-sector in Malang Raya. The research results showed that the model for batik development strategy is divided into two, namely batik as an industry, and batik as a craft that paid attention to the value of local wisdom in its development. Pages 505 to 514




The Relevance of Corporate Governance and Capital Structure to Financial Performance in State-Owned Enterprises (SOES)

Akhsanul Khaqa, aFaculty of Economics and Business, University of Persada Indonesia Y.A.I., Jakarta, Indonesia, Email: asanulhaqh@gmail.com

An increase in the efficiency and productivity of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) needs to be conducted by way of restructuring and privatisation measures. The importance of sustainable structuring on the implementation of role of SOEs in national economic system, needs to be continuously structured and made healthy through restructuring through public offerings. Factors which influence the ability of go-public companies to achieve long-term goals can be seen from their financial performance. To see this, an analysis of the relevance of corporate governance and capital structure to financial performance was conducted. The researchers used Fixed Effect Model Analysis (FEM) with the dummy variable method to produce different parameter values both across cross section units and time series, while the estimation was performed with the Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) model. The results of an analysis of eight state-owned companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2013-2018 showed that financial performance in the period 2013-2018 had a mean value fluctuating between 0.025100-0.048438, a median value between 0.0188 - 0, 0299, with a standard deviation between 0.033334-0.066409. The highest financial performance fluctuated in 2013-2018 between 0.1090-0.2068, with the highest achievement by PT Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk in 2017, while the lowest Financial Performance fluctuated between -0.0475-0.0082, with PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk as the SOE with the lowest Financial Performance in 2015. Based on fluctuations in financial performance, the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises needs to provide incentives in the form of dividend reduction, to be invested in order to sustain State-Owned Enterprises profits in the future. Pages 515 to 537




The Effect of Organisational Climate and Career Development on Organisational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) Through Organisational Commitment as the Intervening Variable

Dewi Susitaa, I Ketut R. Sudiardithab, Fahmi Idrisc, Ryan Zulham Priyadid, Aan Komariahe, a,b,c,dFakultas Ekonomi Universitas Negeri Jakarta, eUniversitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Email: adewisusita_man@unj.ac.id,  bsudiarditha@yahoo.com,  cfahmiidris.20@gmail.com,  drzulham@rocketmail.com,  eaan_komariah@upi.edu

This study aims to assess the Organisation Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) by studying the organisation's climate and career development and organisational commitments. The study used a survey method with a quantitative approach. The population for the study focused on employees, using a simple random sampling technique consisting of 336 respondents. The collected data was analysed using SEM (Structural Equation Modelling) of AMOS software which previously conducted model testing. The results of the study concluded that the organisational climate and career development have a significant influence on the organisational commitment in enhancing the Organisation's Citizenship Behaviour (OCB). The findings show that there is a positive and significant influence on the organisation's climate towards OCB through greater commitment, than a direct influence on OCB, while career development of OCB either directly or through organisational commitment, was almost as large. Pages 538 to 553




The Poem of the Mask in the Poetry of Abdul Aziz Al-Maqaleh

Ahmed Mahdi Zubaidia, Bedaa Abdul-SahebAl-Taieb, aMustansiriy University, bUniversity of Baghdad,

In the Arab critical mind, there is a question about the specific stylistic frameworks of the Arab poetic modernity, which started with poetry without a critical whistle. The modern Arab poet was preoccupied with their poetic identity and any styles suitable for their new industry. Hence, the modern poetic forms, through the openness of the poetic text to other literary races, arts and types, have abandoned the modern poetry of the house and its rhythmic supplies and announced their revolution on the numerical hierarchy. However, the shift in rhythmic sensors does not mean the shift towards modernity. The Arab poem’s stages are lyrical, so modern poetry seeks to trim the lyric sound, as the central focus of the traditional poem. Another question is the poetic aesthetic response to modernist concepts of totalitarian revolutionary tendency. Especially, that the Arab public or private cultural space was not reconciled or convinced of modernity, and therefore, began from the cultural voices opposed to the authority. Poetry was one of the most important manifestations. When we say this poetry does not mean that it does not suffer from the leakage of power and political forms to its substantive and artistic joints, we must remember that those who opposed modernity and poem activism are from their platoon and the sons of their rhymes and performances. The authoritarian poet has never reconciled with the opposing poet, and the two may be together in one body of poetry. Poetry does not deprive diversity or disgust with lying. Pages 554 to 568




BIM Requirements across a Construction Project Lifecycle: A PRISMA-Compliant Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Syafizal Shahruddina, Mohd Zairulb, aSchool of Housing, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, a,bDepartment of Architecture, Faculty of Design & Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia, Email: afizalshahruddin@gmail.com,  bm_zairul@upm.edu.my

Building information modelling (BIM) has been progressively adopted within the architecture, engineering, construction, and operation (AECO) industries across the globe. The main goals behind the BIM adoption are to save procurement costs, reduce greenhouse emissions, and improve the productivity of the AECO industry. However, these goals are still difficult to be achieved due to the ambiguity of BIM requirements across a construction project lifecycle. Therefore, in such a situation, there is a need to increase understanding among the AECO industry players on the requirements of BIM implementation in order for them to fully grasp the benefits of BIM. This article sets out to redefine the required components of BIM requirements for a successful implementation of BIM across a construction project lifecycle. A systematic review was guided by the PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses) method in evaluating relevant published studies. The study systematically derived 39 papers covering the various aspects of BIM requirements across a construction project lifecycle. The initial findings highlighted that the required components of BIM requirements predominantly reside within policy, process, technology, environment, and people interlocking themes. These five themes further produced a total of 41 subthemes. The findings then led to the development of a BIM requirements’ process map across a construction project lifecycle. This study contributes to the body of knowledge by extending the required components of BIM requirements across a construction project lifecycle. This study also provides some valuable insights for AECO industry players across the globe on the full benefits of BIM. Pages 569 to 590 



The Influence of E-Service Quality and Enjoyment on Purchase Intention, with Perceived Value as a Mediator - A Study of C2C E-Commerce in Aceh Province

Heriyanaa*, Jasman J. Ma’rufb, Permana Honneyta Lubisc, Syafruddin Chand, aDoctoral Program student of Management Science, universitas Syiah Kuala Banda Aceh and Lecturer of Economic and Business Faculty, universitas Malikussaleh. Indonesia, b,c,dLecturer at Program in Management Science universitas Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Email: a*heriyana_atjeh@yahoo.co.id

Technological developments have encouraged the emergence of trading systems using the Internet. In e-commerce, the Internet plays a very important role. The purpose of this research is to analyse the influence of e-service quality and enjoyment to purchase intention mediated by the perceived value. The population of this research is consumer-to-consumer e-commerce (C2C), which is: Tokopedia, Bukalapak and Shopee in Aceh province, with a total of 150 respondents. Data analysis uses Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with the help of AMOS version 20.0. The results showed that e-service quality and enjoyment have a positive and significant effect on the perceived value and purchase intention of e-commerce C2C in Aceh Province. The perceived value positively and significantly affects the purchase intention of e-commerce C2C in Aceh Province. The perceived value is a partial mediation of the influence of e-service quality and the enjoyment of the C2C purchase intention of e-commerce in the province of Aceh. Pages 591 to 608

The Effect of Human Resource Capacity, Information Technology Utilisation, and Accounting Internal Control on the Value of Financial Statements’ Information of the Lhokseumawe City Government

Murhabana*, Iswadib, Harlinda Suryanic, a,bDepartment of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Malikussaleh, 24351 Aceh-Indonesia, cGraduate Program in Management Science, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Malikussaleh, 24351 Aceh-Indonesia, Email: a*murhaban@unimal.ac.id

This study examines the influence of Human Resource Capacity, Information Technology Utilisation and Accounting Internal Control on the value of financial statements information of Lhokseumawe City Government. The samples in this study are 155 employees in the financial section of SKPK in Lhokseumawe city. The analytical tool used is SPSS 16.0. The results show the human resource capacity, information technology utilisation and accounting internal control influence on the value of financial statements information of Lhokseumawe City Government. Pages 609 to 630

The Potential of Bengkala Village as a Balinese Village consisting of Disabled Residents in the field of Tourism and Alternative Tourism

Ida Ayu Trisnawatia*, I Wayan Putra Yasab, aDepartment of Perforing Art, Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Denpasar, Indonesia, bDepartment of Historical Education, University of Ganesha Education, Bali, Indonesia, Email: a*dayutrisna@gmail.com

The aim of this research is to explore the uniqueness of Bengkala village as the only Balinese village consisting of disabled  residents (48). This uniqueness offers economic potential for the development of the village as a tourist area. Based on a study conducted in the village of Bengkala it was found that this village has good potential in the field of tourism, especially with respect to alternative tourism. In this case, alternative tourism relates to disabled dancing and inclusive education as well as relating to the relics of ancient objects that can be used for general education. The potential of disabled dance in Bengkala village today is Janger Kolok, Baris Bebek Bingar Bengkala Dance, and Jalak Anguci Dance. The whole routine was performed by people with disabilities from Bengkala village. Further potential relates to educational tourism, namely inclusive and historical education. Inclusive education can be implemented by making Bengkala village an inclusive education laboratory. In relation to history, one can study the development of the village, the existence of megaliths in Bengkala village and also its culture. All this potential can be packaged as a community-based tourism village development model. Tourism developed in Bengkala Village must be based on the potential, needs and ability of this village community to manage it so that it will have a positive  impact on people's lives. Pages 631 to 642

The Role of Inflation and Interest Rates on Economic Growth in a Special Autonomy Province, Indonesia (1989-2018)

Asnawia*, Naufal Bachrib, Aiyub Yahyac, aDepartment of Economics, Universitas Malikussaleh, b,cDepartment of Management Science, Universitas Malikussaleh, Email: a*asnawi.fe@unimal.ac.id

This study aims to investigate the relationship between inflation, interest rates, and economic growth in Aceh Province, Indonesia. The method of data analysis is the Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) using the corpus Time Series from 1989 to 2018. Inflation has a negative impact on short-term and long-term economic growth. While the interest rates show impact, it is positively significant in the short term. Besides, there is no Granger relationship in the long run in Aceh Province, Indonesia. However, interest rates only affect economic growth in the long run. Pages 643 to 652

The Gypsy Role as a Plot Device of Romance in Jane Austen's, “Emma”

Shaima Nima Mohammada, aUniversity of Kerbala Tourist Sciences Faculty Department of Hotel Management, Email: amsc.shaiman@yahoo.com

The current paper discusses the traditional role of gypsies in Jane Austen's novel Emma. The gypsy image is functioned as a romance by the writer to show the nature of those who are known as being part of old traditions, such as, fortune telling, robbery, and entertainment too. Jane Austen presents them as they are, yet she links the gypsy nature to the plot of her novel as they have a considerable role in interweaving the events. Gypsies' participations in the novel reflect a notable influence upon characters' lives and their relationships. The study starts with the introduction which briefly presents how the gypsy image has been adopted by literature in general and by novelists in particular. It also includes analysis of some selected quotes and scenes from the novel through which the gypsy role can be discussed. At last, the study ends with the conclusion which sums up the final result as far as the subject is concerned. Pages 653 to 663

Knowledge Management and Sharing Culture for University Quality Sustainability

Dedi Rohendia, Liris Raspatiningrumb, Aan Komariahc, Yayah Rahyasihd, Dedy Achmad Kurniadye, a,b,c,d,eLecturer of Indonesia University of Education, Email: adedir@upi.edu,  braspatiningrum@upi.edu,  caan_komariah@upi.edu,  drahyasih@upi.eduededy_achmad@upi.edu  

This research aims to explore role of knowledge culture as an important part of knowledge management at university level. The research method was qualitative in knowledge management applied in the Bogor Institute of Agriculture, Indonesia. The data was obtained from relevant key informants through in-depth interviews, observation, and documentation. The data analysis was conducted on knowledge culture and the knowledge management process by displaying, reducing, and concluding. Results of the research show that knowledge culture has an incredible role in developing knowledge management through knowledge creation, knowledge capture and use, and knowledge sharing. The recommendation given is that it is necessary for a technology application with full support by the role of leaders as a knowledge gap identifier and future leader preparation, which always give trust and support employees to work continuously. Pages 664 to 675

Curriculum of Disaster Response for Students of Guidance and Counselling

Rochania*, Alfiandy Warih Handoyob, a,bCounseling Guidance Department Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa Banten, Indonesia, Email: a*hrochanie@yahoo.co.id

Natural disasters can be classified as incidents that cannot be avoided. Banten Province, especially the western region, has the potential for highly diverse and complex natural disasters. These disasters can cause a range of impacts. One feared impact of natural disasters is trauma. The correct treatment of trauma can result in massive and sustained impacts. Knowing how to handle a disaster effectively can be based in education. Schools can provide   appropriate knowledge and skills for students dealing with disaster situations. Guidance and counselling play an important role in debriefing and handling the problems of students. Guidance and Counselling teachers must be provided with disaster-preparedness knowledge and skills so that they are able to provide optimal services and support. Pages 676 to 684

Amil’s Ethics, Quality of Management Accounting Information Systems and Organisational Performance

Naz ainaa, Memed Suebb, Poppy Sofiac, Tettet Fitrijantid, aPost graduate of doctoral Accounting Departement of Padjajaran University, Bandung Indonesia and Lecturer of Economic and Business Faculty, Universitas Malikussaleh. Indonesia, b,c,dAccounting Departement, Faculty of Economics & Business, Padjadjaran University, Bandung Indonesia, Email: anazaina14@gmail.com,  bmemed.sueb@unpad.ac.id,  cpoppysofia.ppa@gmail.com,  dtettet.fitrijanti@fe.unpad.ac.id

Ethics, as a guide for carrying out activities, is crucial in management accounting information systems. A management accounting information system provides practical information for management which contributes to the efficacy and the efficiency of an organisation. Amil, those employed to administer Zakat, is required to include ethics in performing zakat collection. This research was conducted to examine the effect of Amil’s ethics on the quality of the management accounting information system and the impact on organisational performance. The survey was conducted on 211 respondents in 82 BAZNAS in certain provinces, districts and cities in Java, North Sumatra and Aceh. Respondents were those in middle management. Data was collected using questionnaires and analysed using the partial least square (PLS) method. The results indicated that Amil’s ethics have a significant effect on the quality of the management accounting information system and that this ultimately influenced organisational performance significantly. The results of this study can be used to solve the problem of quality accounting management information systems by increasing the ability of management accounting information systems to adjust and accommodate more ethical behaviours with the aim of having a positive impact on organisational performance. Pages 685 to 700

The Impact of Competitive Learning in Reading Comprehension Strategy among Students in the Fifth Grade

Intesar K. Jawada, aAl-Mustansiriya University, College of Education, Educational and Psychological Sciences,

The process of teaching Arabic in elementary schools has suffered from a clear decline in the level of pupils within a year, their weakness in reading and reading comprehension in particular, as well as several other factors. These factors include a lack of care of who is in charge of the educational process for not intensifying training courses for teachers of reading, as they focus on conducting courses of grammar and neglect reading especially applied. Quantum language is one of the most important means of spiritual connection and the formation of trends and ideas common among members of society. Groups of States may differ in the environment, religion, customs and other social and economic disparities. However, it remains cohesively united if its language is one, and language is a key element in the process of learning and teaching and the nations are concerned with their languages and do their best to facilitate their education and learning. Pages 701 to 722

Analysis Prediction of Bankruptcy Business by Using the Method Altman Z-Score and Springate (Case Study in PT Holcim Indonesia TBK)

Dedi Mulyadia, aUniversitas Buana Perjuangan, Kawarang, Indonesia, Email: adedi.mulyadi@ubpkarawang.ac.id

Bankruptcy is a condition where a company has financial difficulties that make business failures and harm many parties. Bankruptcy itself becomes a threat to companies that do not realise early on the existence of business bankruptcy. Therefore, it is necessary to predict bankruptcy early on. There are several ways to predict bankruptcy by analysing financial ratios with the Altman Z-Score and Springate methods. This study aims to determine the company's financial performance by using the ratio of financial analysis and prediction analysis of bankruptcy method using the Altman Z-Score and Springate. This study uses secondary data obtained from the financial statements of PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk period 2010 to 2014. To know the financial performance of the company there are 5 ratios used consisting of liquidity, solvency, activity, profitability and market ratios. Then to predict bankruptcy by the Altman Z-score method and Springate,  results showed the company's financial performance with ratio analysis from the period 2010 to 2014 and showed the company in good condition because there is no negative result even though every year the results fluctuate. The results of bankruptcy analysis by the method of the Altman Z-Score in the period 2010 to 2013 are categorised as not bankrupt and in 2014 categorised the company is in the ​​grey or hesitant area. The results of bankruptcy analysis by Springate in the period 2010 to 2012, shows the companies are categorised as not bankrupt and in the period 2013 to 2014 companies are categorised as bankrupt. Pages 723 to 735
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