The Influence of Employees’ Competence and Ethics on the Population Administration Service in Rantau Bayur Sub-District, Indonesia

Rohmiala, Desi Ulpa Anggrainib, Sri Ermeilac, Ega Leovanid, aSTIA Satya Negara Palembang, Indonesia, bSTIE Rahmaniyah Sekayu, Indonesia, cUniversity IBA Palembang, Indonesia, dUniversity Katolik Musi Charitas Palembang, Indonesia, Email: arohmial@stiasatyanegara.ac.id, bdesiulpaanggraini@stier.ac.id, csriermeila@iba.ac.id, dega@umc.ac.id

This study aims to explain the influence of competence and ethics on the public service that administrates population in an Indonesian sub-district. The population in this study is the whole citizenry of Rantau Bayur Banyuasin Sub-District, Indonesia. It is 17 years old and has administered residents from the sub-district office of Rantau Bayur Banyuasin. The total population in this study is 33,890 inhabitants,  which consists of 16,852 males and 17,038 women. The sampling technique in this study is isidental sampling. This study uses multiple linear regression analysis. The result of the research shows that competence significantly and positively affects the service of population administration. Then ethics have a significant and positive effect on the service of population administration and competence. Pages 1 to 12




Analysis of Noise Effects on Defect Levels and Work Productivity at PT. IndustriMarmer Indonesia (IMI)

Sajiyoa, Lutfi Fathurrahmanb, M Adhi Prasnowoc, Achmad Fathoni Rodlid, Ahmad Makkie, a,bIndustrial Engineering Department, Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia, cIndustrial Engineering Department, Universitas Maarif Hasyim Latif, Sidoarjo, Indonesia, dEconomic Management Department, Universitas Maarif Hasyim Latif, Sidoarjo, Indonesia, eYayasan Pendidikan dan Sosial Maarif Sepanjang, Sidoarjo, Indonesia, Email: asajiyo@untag-sby.ac.id, blutfi.fathur301@gmail.com, cprasnowoadhi@dosen.umaha.ac.id, dfathoni_rodli@dosen.umaha.ac.id, erm_makki@yahoo.co.id

The research is a cross-sectional experimental study. This study used earplugs for operators working in production processes, to determine the effect of noise on product defect levels and productivity. The noise level received by each operator exceeded the allowed Hearing Threshold Level (HTL). Noise affects hearing health and operator comfort. After controlling noise through the use of Protective Equipment Ear (PEE), the work of operators cutting blocks increased, defective products decreased 1.73%, and the labour productivity index results increased 45.37%. For cross-cutting operators, defective products declined 3.38%, and labour productivity increased 44.47%. From research carried out the company was expected to pay attention to the comfort and health of workers, to control noise by increasing the damping material on a noisy machine, in addition to using ear protection such as ear plugs or earmuffs. Pages 13 to 22




 Asking Local Government to Commit to Implementing Inclusive Schools: Its Policy and Practice

Suprayitno Arie Putraa, Yoyok Soesatyob, Mudjito AKc, Lusy Tunik Muharlisianid*,a,dPostgraduate Student, Department of Education Management, Unesa, Surabaya, bProfessor, Department of Education Management, Unesa, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, cLecturer, Department of Education Management, Unesa, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, dDepartment of English Education, Universitas Wijaya Kusuma, Surabaya, Indonesia,

Email: asuprayitno.17070976016@mhs.unesa.ac.id; dlusytm_fbs@uwks.ac.id

This study aims to find out commitments performed by local government in implementing inclusive schools. For the study, the researcher designed a semi-structured interview for the officers of educational institutions; the principals and the special education teachers. It was conducted according to a qualitative methodology which included in-depth interviews, direct observations and recordings. A purposive random method was used to obtain data from two junior high schools, through two principals, two special teachers and two officers from educational institutions. In total there are 20 inclusive junior high schools of interest, in the largest regency of East Java, Indonesia. The study refers to the five categories of local government commitments, namely; to strengthen education administration practices, to use appropriate models of teaching and learning, to support some training for un-skilled special teachers, to give supporting financial aid for inclusive schools, and to establish many inclusive schools in every district. The policy and practice should be executed simultaneously for inclusive schools in every field of education. Pages 23 to 36




Funding Decisions in Determining Capital Structure in the Indonesian Stock Exchange, from a Pecking Order Theory Perspective

Yuniningsih Yuniningsiha, Muchranb, Amiruddinc, Bunyamin M Yapidd, Suci Ayu Kurniah Putrie,, aFaculty of Economics and Business  University of National Development “Veteran” East Java, Surabaya, Indonesia, bUniversitas Muhammadiyah Makassar, Indonesia, cUniversitas Azzahra, Jakarta, Indonesia, dSTAI DDI Sidenreng Rappang, Indonesia, eDepartment of Ners Faculty Universitas Indonesia Timur Makassar, Indonesia,, Email: ayuniningsih@upnjatim.ac.id, bmuchran@unismuh.ac.id, camiruddin.azzahra@gmail.com, dbunyaminmyapid@gmail.com esuciayu_0904078701@uit.ac.id

This study purposed to determine the influence of funding decisions on capital structure, in terms of its amount. Funding decisions in this study include firm’s growth (X1) and active structure (X2). The method used is multiple linear regressions. It sees effect from a firm’s growth (X1) and active  structure (X2) variables for capital structure (Y). This research qualifies as research that is free from autocorrelation, heteroscedasticity and multicollinearity. The results of this study indicate that firms’ growth has no significant effect on capital structure. However, the asset structure variable has a significant positive effect on the capital structure, in accordance with the proposed hypothesis. This study is limited to two independent variables. It needs to be developed with many independent variables, and to use the firm grouped by type of stock index. This study has value is finding that a high firm’s growth is largely funded from internal equity.  This is in accordance with pecking order theory, that funding should be from internal equity, external finance and external equity. Pages 37 to 48


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